Best GBA Games-Topmost Game Boy Advance Games

GBA, which stands for Game Boy Advance, created by Nintendo back in 2001 is still being loved by many gamers, that’s the reason you have landed on this page looking for the best GBA games ever.

GBA was a successor to Game Boy Color, the company then released the successor to GBA as well which was named as Nintendo DS. Here, we’ll be listing down some of the best GBA games of all time.

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Best GBA Games Ever

Time to check out all time favorite and best game boy advance games.

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NOTE: This list is not biased at all, you are free to put in your suggestions through comments as everyone has different taste.

1. Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid, a GBA game which was popular in 80s had its upgrade in 2000s, it’s called Metroid: Zero Mission. The gameplay of this version is far better than the previous installment.

2. The Legend of Zelda

The high loved action game which was first released in 1986 and the latest version was released in early 2017 with the name “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”.

This is one of the most successful franchise of Nintendo. As of 2016, it sold over 76 million copies.

The game has various elements which makes it even more interesting, along with action you get to enjoy adventure and some puzzle solving.

3. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

The Mario series can’t be ignored and kept out of the list at any costs, it indeed is one of the most popular and best GBA games series.

4. Advance Wars

Released in 2001, a military strategy game. Strategies games have always been in the demand, take Clash of clans as an example.

Tanks, building armies and territories, everything is super fun. Have a look at its gameplay:

5. Sonic Advance 3

Sonic games can’t be ignored when talking about best GBA games. It has 5 playable characters, out of these 5 characters you can choose any 2 at the beginning of every stage.

6. Ninja Five-O

Title of the game is enough to tell you that it is an action game. It is so satisfying and fun to play this game. With swords, shurikens and some magic powers, you have to defeat the evil.

Take a look at it’s playthrough:

7. Fire Emblem

Those who like games with strong stories, this is the game for you. The game is developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It was first released in 1990 and the latest release being Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which was released in April,2017.

It is basically a role playing video game which is highly popular and one of the best GBA games ever.

All these Game Boy Advance games are very popular and are still being enjoyed across many Nintendo game consoles. What game would you like to see on this list of best GBA games ever? Drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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