5 Best Free Offline Games in the Brain/Puzzle Category

Want to do some brain exercise? Such games are loved by so many people simple because of the challenges these games have in them, they make you think for a while, that’s why these are called brain games. We are going to share with you some free offline games in the brain or puzzle category.

The list is going to have some of the popular and even classic free offline games and we’re sure you will love it.

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Free Offline Games [Brain]

Such games are perfect for some brain exercise, let’s have a look at some of the popular free offline brain games. At some point, there is a disadvantage of playing brain games, and that is when you run out of hints and can’t solve the puzzle you become frustrated and close the game.

1. 2048

A perfect game for those love maths, however, those who hate maths can also play this game. The best part of this game is that everyone finds it addictive and it really is.

There is only one thing that you have to do in this game and that is adding the alike numbers, for example, you have to add 2 to 2 and 4 to 4 to make bigger number and you have to reach the biggest number possible.

2. Infinity Loop

This is quite an interesting game, a loop which has no beginning and no end is called an infinity loop, such as 8. There will be a lot of figures in the game, distorted figures, you have to arrange those figures and shapes to form an infinity loop.

3. Sudoku

How can we forget this classic and still popular game? Sudoku is number game where you have to fill in the empty boxes with the missing numbers. Seems easy? No it’s not since you will have to make a lot of changes within one round to complete the level.

4. Flow Free

Very simple game. You just have to connect the dots of same color. Seems easy? It’s not that easy even. What would be the point of a brain game if it doesn’t make you think? The catch here is that there should no path left empty after connecting all the dots, the square should be completely filled with lines and you will see how difficult and challenging it is when the levels goes up.

5.)  Brain it on

This is again a simple game but quite interesting. You are definitely going to find game challenging and interesting at the same time, this was the only brain game in which I didn’t get frustrated.

The game is based on physics and there are some tasks that you have to complete using common sense and some physics.

These are 5 are some of the most popular and interesting free offline games in the brain or puzzle category that are loved by millions of people.

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