No WiFi Games For Android Users for Free

Android app store i.e Google play store if filled with million of apps and games. It would take almost a lifetime to try out all the apps and games. The gaming collection at play store is amusing and you may find million of games for android there, some are paid while some are free. We’re going to list some no WiFi games for you android users that you can get for free.

In short, this is the list of those games which you can download for free and play for lifetime even when you don’t have internet around you because these are free games without WiFi that don’t need internet connection.

You might not be using a high configuration phone, keeping this thing in mind we have tried our best to list those games which can be played at any device, however, there may be some WiFi free games that low end devices won’t be able to run.

Free Games Without WiFi

Let’s begin with the list of free games without WiFi that you can play on your android device, obviously you would need internet to download and install these games from the play store. This would be the first and last time that you will be using internet for these game.

android free games without WiFi

Once the installation is done, you can play these games without WiFi. Here you go with the list of free games that don’t need WiFi:

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1.) Asphalt 8

Using a low configuration android phone? Don’t even think to get this game because along with the game, your phone will also start freezing. So this no WiFi game is definitely not for you.

But, for those who are using high configuration phones, you won’t find a better racing WiFi free game than this one.

2.) Flip Color switch

This game can be played on any android device because it’s lightweight and fun. The game is inspired by color switch but in reverse mode, it is actually a difficult version.

3.) 2048

Love maths? Then this is the only WiFi free game for you. The concept is quite simple, just keep on adding the same numbers and make the highest number out of it. Seems easy? It is definitely not an easy one.

4.) Duet

It is a fun game for android that requires a lot of concentration and you need to focus on the game, if you think you can multitask while playing this offline game then you are mistaken.

You have to keep the 2 balls in sync while dodging the obstacles. This no WiFi game is challenging, interesting and fun.

5.) Temple Run 2

Temple run is in the market since the evolution of android, it used be there even when there was no android ice cream sandwich and it is still there entertaining million of people. Just go for this game and you won’t be bored.

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