No WiFi Needed Games for Android and iOS Phones

Offline games are becoming the trend nowadays and everyone wants to get offline games for their phones, be it android users or iOS users. There are many no WiFi needed games on the app stores that you can get for free.

These free games without WiFi will never ask you to turn on the WiFi or your internet connection because they don’t need internet to get started.

We’re going to list some of the best and most popular no WiFi needed games that you can install right away on your phone.

For more such free offline games you can visit and get a huge list of no WiFi games.

List of No WiFi Needed Games

Let’s see if we can provide you some no WiFi games for your smartphone.

no wifi needed games

  • Brothers in Arms 3

If you love action, adventure and missions then this is the game which you should install right away without giving a second thought. It has everything that you may like. Sitting at one place and shooting becomes boring but in this game you are heading forward to complete the mission along with your brothers.

An awesome no WiFi needed game that you must try at least once.

OS: Android and iOS

  • Angry Birds 2

A very popular game that has been downloaded over million of times worldwide and is still falls in the list of best and top no WiFi needed games.

There should be at least one racing game on the list of WiFi free games. Gameloft did an awesome job by making this game and it is being managed very beautifully.

If you are a speed lover then this game is for you.

  • Good Craft 2/ Minecraft PE

These are different games, then why we have listed them on the same spot? It’s because Minecraft PE is a paid game, you can download it for free from apotide app store and Good craft 2 is the free game which is similar to minecraft game.

NOTE: Good craft 2 is available for android phones only as of now.

  • Traffic Rider

Last but not the least on this list if traffic rider game which is a bike racing game in which you are racing against nobody. Run and speed up your bike on these beautiful tracks and challenge yourself to make the highest score.

These are the best and very popular no WiFi needed games that you can download for android and iOS.

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