50+ No WiFi Games-Best Free Games That Don’t Need WiFi or Internet

No WiFi Games, these are simply those games that don’t need WiFi or internet. Playing games is fun, you can either play games online or offline. When you are playing online then there is something holding you back and running out of data is that problem.

There is a solution to this problem and that is playing those free games that don’t need WiFi. Yes, there are many no WiFi games out there which you can find on official app stores.

Those are the games that don’t need WiFi at all. You can enjoy those games without any internet connection. But, keep in mind that you only download such games from the official stores only.

Why would you even need free offline games? Well, if you can have amazing games that don’t need WiFi then why spend even a single megabyte on passing time. The other reason is you don’t always have the internet or WiFi, you might be traveling and that place couldn’t get you a strong internet connection. At that time, these free games without WiFi will help you have some gaming fun.

What Are The Best No WiFi Games?

You can call these games as “No WiFi Games”, “Non WiFi games” or WiFi free games. Now, what is the best offline game for you? That actually depends on you and your taste of gaming. A racing lover would hardly choose a puzzle game and an action lover would hardly go for a racing game.

no WiFi games

So, it’s just your preference that decides which non WiFi game you should install. To make it easier for you, we are listing some of the best free games that don’t need WiFi from almost every category, be it action, racing, puzzle, brain, running, or adventure games.

List of Free Games Without WiFi

We’re going to list some of the most interesting, fun and popular games that you can play without WiFi or the internet. However, you would need WiFi for installing the game initially (obviously).

You can also put up your suggestions and do not forget to share it if you find this list of offline games interesting and useful.

1. Google Dinosaur Game

google dinosaur offline game

This is one of the most basic and free offline games that is available for computers/laptops only. The game is actually a T-rex game developed by Google which you can play on Chrome browser.

If you are surfing the internet on your laptop and suddenly the internet goes off then just open chrome and open any site, it won’t load and show an error, then press the space bar key and the game will start.

Keep enjoying it until the WiFi gets connected again. This offline game is simple yet very interesting and addictive.

2. Brother in Arms 3

This is one of our personal favorite offline games that has story line based on WW2. If your taste in gaming is also like ours then you are going to love this game that can be played without WiFi and online also.

BIA 3 is an action packed game but it is not like other sniper shooting games, there is a story and you have to complete missions. Fighters are not sitting at one place, they have to keep moving forward and complete the tasks.

You cannot get bored playing this game because every mission is full of excitement and adventure. Talking about the graphics then you cannot complain about that. This is probably one of the best no WiFi games in the action category.

OS: Android and iOS

3. Asphalt 8: Racing

Asphalt 8 is one of the most popular and finest racing games with a huge fan following. The best part is it can be played without WiFi as well. Isn’t this interesting? Such a huge game and no WiFi needed.

It is a complete package of racing entertainment with mind blowing graphics and amazing cars. Make sure you have a high configuration device because it needs more than 1GB to be installed and low configuration devices may complain of the phone getting hanged. This is indeed one of the best no WiFi games in the racing category.

If you are a racing game fan then this is the first and only game that should install right away. You can read more about this game on Wikipedia.

OS: Download Asphalt 8.

4. Temple Run Series

Temple Run is a popular endless running game in which you have to keep on running because there’s a beast running behind you to catch you. While running you will face numerous obstacles which make it even more interesting.

Temple run game is quite an aged game which has been there since years. To enjoy a better game play, we would advise you to go for Temple Run 2 instead of 1.

The game is absolutely free to download and you will be surprised to know that this game has been downloaded over zillion times with an average rating of 4.3 on Google plays store, that’s amazing. This rating and download number is enough to tell that this is one of the best and fun no WiFi games that don’t need WiFi for playing at all.

OS: Download Temple Run.

5. Jetpack Joyride

This joyride is seriously going to give you a lot of joy and fun. If you haven’t heard of this game before then let us tell you that just like temple run 2, it has been downloaded over zillion times with an average rating of 4.4 on play store only.

jetpack games that don't need WiFi


Have a look at some of the features of this game:

  • Fly the coolest jetpacks, get on top of dragons
  • Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles
  • Battle it out against friends
  • Customize your look with ridiculous outfits
  • Equip high-tech gadgets and vehicle upgrades
  • Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controls

This is a highly entertaining WiFi free game by Halfbrick Studios.

OS: Android and iOS

6. Shadow Fight 2

Until now we have listed adventure, racing, and arcade game, this is the first fighting (action) game on this list of No WiFi games. This is one of those free fighting and action games that don’t need WiFi.

Assassins have no identity, you are a mere shadow who is fighting other shadows. You are given unlimited lethal weapons that you can equip within the game and use them to kill your opponents.

This is somewhat a Sci-Fi game as well because along with some real weapons like armor, swords, you are also given some magical powers. Travel through 6 different worlds and fight the enemies, the evil.

OS: Android and iOS

7. Flip Color Switch

Inspired by the color switch, this is one of those games that don’t need WiFi to be played. Even if your internet is enabled, it won’t eat up your data because the game is configured to be played offline easily.

The levels are preloaded but it is a bit difficult for the color switch experts also. The game is in reverse mode and it is very challenging to control the colored ball from falling.


8. Angry Birds 2

Almost every smartphone gamer knows about this highly popular and interesting WiFi free game. With hundreds of level, it becomes unstoppable and you just want to keep on going. You can also challenge the players across the world but that would require an internet connection.

Don’t think that it is just a luck by chance game and you would hit the jackpot. This free game require some thinking and you will have to figure out which bird should be thrown at what angle and at what place so that you can win the level.

Physics is involved in this offline game and you can’t win all the levels by just throwing arrows in the dark.

OS: Android and iOS

9. Subway Surfers

Another popular endless running game just like temple run. The different thing about the game is location, graphics, and characters. The game is fun to play and this is one of those suitable games that don’t need WiFi that you can play to pass your free time.

The difficulty keeps on increasing, the more you run the faster it becomes and a time comes when it is difficult to even handle the running character.

You get some cool powers also in the games like big shows, flying jetpack, skate board etc. Running in front of trains is something that might interest you. The concept is simple but the gameplay is interesting.

OS: Download Subway Surfers.

10. Duet

Duet is one of those free games that don’t need WiFi in the arcade category that you would love spending on. All you have to do is dodge the obstacles. Seems easy? No, it’s not.

duet no WiFi games

There are two colored balls which you have to keep in sync while dodging the obstacles and without bursting. Sync is a must in this game and you surely need a quick response time in this one of the best no WiFi games.

OS: Android and iOS

The list of best no WiFi games continues, keep reading to unveil more free games without WiFi here.

11. Candy Crush Saga

Another one of the highly popular and addictive no WiFi games. Your hands would become tired of scrolling but you won’t find an end to the levels in this game.

There are so many levels that you can just have fun with this game for a couple of months and then an update would add more levels.

The game is based on a classic game of matching the alike blocks. In this game there are jellies. This is surely one of the best games that don’t need WiFi.

You can play this game without WiFi but there would be some points where you’ll have to either wait to open the new levels or buy the in-apps that would cost you a few bucks.

You get 5 lives in total and getting new lives once they are over would take a little bit of time.

OS: Android and iOS

12. Badland

Badland is one of those WiFi free games that you should try at least once. There are lots of features in this game and if you have an internet connection then the fun could be doubled in fact, the game allows provide you the authority of level creation where you can create/edit levels, share and play and as of now more than 70K levels have been created.

You won’t get bored playing this game without WiFi. The game is now featured on NVIDIA TegraZone. Plays great with full controller support on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet, and Android TV.

One of the most popular and highly recommended no WiFi games that you can play without WiFi anytime and anywhere.

OS: Android and iOS

13. Plants vs Zombies 2

This is a casual game whose concept is a little different while being a classic zombie game. Despite being a zombie killing game, it doesn’t seem to be horrifying or thrill game, it’s a casual game in which plants are killing the zombies approaching them. It sounds a lot of fun to play.

Every plant has different powers and abilities which will help you stopping zombies. The game is playable in both online and offline mode. Just install and play this free game, no WiFi needed.

OS: Android and iOS

14. Brain it On

The first puzzle game on this list of no WiFi games is brain it on. This is puzzle based on physics, in this game you have to draw shapes in order to complete the task. Sounds easy? Give it a try and your perception will change about this fun and free offline game.

You can absolutely play this game without WiFi and not only puzzle lovers but every smartphone gamer would surely love this game, it is highly addictive and challenging.

You are challenging your brain while passing time and it’s a lot of fun. Just watch the attached video and you will know how the game is played. Give your physics skills a chance here in this free game without WiFi.

OS: Android and iOS

15. Paper Toss

Have you ever tried to throw a piece of paper into a bin while sitting far away? If yes, then this is the game for you. There’s only one catch and that is to toss the paper into the bin.

It might seem easy at first but this requires some practice and skills to toss the paper in the bin. Your judgment will go wrong multiple times before getting your hand on it.

This is indeed one of the simple free games without WiFi that you can play to pass your free time.

OS: Android and iOS

16. Flow Free

This simple puzzle game has been downloaded by more than 100 millions android users and they simply love it for the fact that is quite interesting, addictive and entertaining.

You are given a board which has several colored balls, you have to connect the same colors through pipes and cover the entire board.

OS: Android and iOS

17. 2048

This is undoubtedly one of the best and free games that don’t WiFi to be played. The game requires very little space to be installed and it is challenging math based game.

All you have to do is add the same numbers which will then double the number and you have to keep on doing that without getting out. You can spend hours on trying to get that highest score but it is not that easy. The only game based on maths on this list of no WiFi games.

OS: Android and iOS

18. Sudoku

This is the classic game which elders used to play in the newspapers and magazines and now you too can enjoy the game on your smartphones.

The game requires some thinking skills, if you don’t like to use the brain in games then this is definitely not for you. You don’t require the internet to play this game, all you need is some patience and thinking skills.

OS: Android and iOS

19. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

This is one in all game. One of those no WiFi games that has action, adventure, racing and what not. This third person shooter game is one of those free games without WiFi that you should try at least once.

Face the gangs, the bandits, and supernatural powers. There are over 40 missions with lots of tasks for you to complete. Accept the challenges and show off your gaming skills.

OS: Android and iOS

20. Hill Climb Racing: 2

Welcome this second installment of the hill climb racing game. This is an insane racing game with lots of fun, it is not like other racing game where you are just speeding up. It involves a lot of fun and now it also has the multiplayer option.

You get tens of vehicles to race like motorbikes, jeeps, formula etc. An absolutely free to download game that you can enjoy without WiFi.

OS: Android and iOS

21. Infinity Loop

The objective of the game is to create an infinite loop, a loop which has no beginning and no end, for example, 8. You’ll be given a distorted figure and you have to create an infinite loop out of it by rotating the parts. the difficulty will keep on increasing as the level passes by and you’ll have to use your brain.

It is one of those free games that don’t require WiFi. You can play the game anytime and anywhere, one of the most addictive free no WiFi games.

OS: Android and iOS

22. Traffic Rider

How can we miss to add a bike game on this list of no WiFi games? The game is really fun and your goal is to make the highest score possible and complete the tasks and levels. The speed of the bike will keep on increasing as the game progress.

rider WiFi free games

You get some cool looking bikes in this WiFi free game but you will need to complete a set of levels before unlocking those gorgeous bikes.

This game has been downloaded over 100 million times with an average rating of 4.7, this single stat is enough to tell you about the quality of this offline game.

This is no doubt, one of the best and free games without WiFi. Just because the game is at number 21 on our list of no WiFi games, doesn’t mean it is not worth it. Every single game we mention is worth trying.

OS: Android and iOS

23. Asphalt Nitro

We mentioned Asphalt 8 before but that is only suitable for high-end devices with good configuration but this game is for everyone who loves to race but can’t get the Asphalt 8 version.

Asphalt Nitro weighs only 35 MB and you can enjoy awesome graphics within this lightweight free game that you can play without WiFi or the internet.

OS: Android

24. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mincraft is an adventure game that can be enjoyed without WiFi as well. This is the only game in this list of WiFi free games that is paid. This game is loved by those gamers who believe in creativity.

25. GoodCraft 2

If you don’t want to pay for this offline game then you go for Good craft 2, which is similar to Minecraft but free. The game is liked by many players and the creativity level is almost to that of Minecraft.

It is not available on official app stores as of now, so, you will have to get the APK of this WiFi free game.

26. Unblock Me Game

Don’t get confused, we’re not going to unblock any game here, this is the name of the game. It is a classic puzzle game which is a perfect fit for those who like to do some brain exercise.

Unblock me game by Kiragames is a complete entertainer that also uses up your brain, it has around 16,000 puzzles for you that you can solve for free without WiFi.

27. Cut the Rope

A highly popular and one of the best free no WiFi games that is fun and brainy at the same time. Your job in the game is to feed a frog whose name is “Om Nom” with candies, now you may say what’s brainy in that?

Those candies are tied to some ropes which are interconnected and you have to cut those ropes in such a way that those candies fall directly into the frog’s mouth.

This no WiFi needed game is undoubtedly very fun and interesting. The game is developed by Zeptolab and they have released tens of versions of this game, you can download whatever version you want.

28. Fruit Ninja

A game that was initially released in 2010 and is still one of the popular arcade games for android and iOS. Your job in this game is to cut the fruits and skip the bombs, cutting the bombs will be the end.

The game is no doubt very addictive and interesting. This is a free offline game and an online game  as well. You can enter the event mode and play with other fruit ninja players from around the world.

Download the game now and start slicing the fruits in this one of the popular arcade no WiFi games.

OS: Android and iOS

29. PBA Bowling Challenge

offline bowling sports game

Time to play some sports game offline, Bowling is a classy and highly loved sport and this is a 3D bowling game that don’t require WiFi connection.

With so many locations, more than 100 bowling balls, 3D bowling graphics, it is super fun to play this game. You can join tournaments also and play against the top 21 bowlers.

You will find many features and new rules in this game which are not allowed in the real world, for example, splitting the ball, bomb the ball etc. A complete entertaining game in the sports category.

Download here: Android and iOS

30. Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D

It’s an awesome action game where you are flying military helicopters and destroying enemies and their base camps. There is one thing that I particularly like about this game and that is it has everything in the missions.

In other helicopter shooting games, you are asked to destroy base camps, ships, tanks and other planes only while in this game there are soldiers also.

Keep one thing in mind that in the beginning keep the phone at 80 degrees only because that will decide the controls of gunship. Keep the phone at 80 degrees and tap on the screen, the game will start.

No doubt, it is a very addictive game and you keep on going to the next stage without worrying about time. It’s a complete offline game.

Download Here: Android

31. Gangster Vegas-Mafia Game

Another mobile game for those who are into action-like stuff. Keep in mind that this one is a heavy game, weighing more than 1GB (1.2Gb approx).

Seeing the size of the game, you would expect to see some good graphics and yes, it has good graphics.

The thing that we like about this game is that they didn’t keep the game limited to running and shooting gangster, you can also fight as an MMA fighter. Apart from that, you get to fight in 80 awesome missions, auto races, shooting and more.

You get to build your clans of criminals to fight and stand against your enemies, there is still a lot more in this offline game for android and iOS.

A huge map with tons of vehicles and weapons, awesome game play, addictive story and mind blowing graphics with different game modes, this non WiFi game has a lot of potential and the quality to keep you stick to the game for long.

If your phone can afford to handle a 1.2 GB game, then you should definitely try this one.

Download here: Android & iOS.

32. Cover Fire: Shooting Game

cover fire shooting no wifi games

Another freaking awesome action game for android and iOS devices, we have been trying and playing this game for weeks and couldn’t stop ourselves from adding it to our list of no WiFi games.

It surely deserves a place on the list best free games without WiFi.

Amazing graphics with mind blowing game play. The missions are quite unique and one of its own kind, you go through a series of chapter before completing the mission stage, the final stage is the toughest.

Once you clear that mission in the game, the new chapter is unlocked. Every chapter is freaking good, there was not even a single time we felt that it’s not worth it.

Just like every other shooting game, you get gold, money, weapons and some other perks in the game but the good part we liked about it is that you don’t have to wait for too long for the energy to refill.

Apart from that, it can be played online also where you can earn money, weapons, skills and gold to upgrade your level. This helps you keep going in the game rather than stopping at a level.

This is not the only thing this game has to offer, there are certain events also which you can enter.

It takes time to unlock new characters and weapons but we have no complaint about that, a game shouldn’t be that easy even.

You can expect to see some intelligent missions as well.

A game worth trying.

Download here: Android & iOS.

Few More Free Games Without WiFi

This is not the end of our free no WiFi games, along with the above-mentioned games that don’t need WiFi, you can try these games as well.

  1. Hike: A messenger but has in-built offline games like puzzle, racing.
  2. CSR Racing 2
  3. Dark Sword: Season 2
  4. Word Search
  5. Crossy Road game
  6. Fruit Ninja
  7. Smash hit
  8. Word Cookies
  9. Despicable Me
  10. Hill Climb Racing 2
  11. GT Racing 2
  12. Gangstar Vegas
  13. Plague Inc
  14. Trials Fontier
  15. Into the Dead

All these no WiFi games are awesome and all of these games don’t need WiFi to be played. Some games have in-app purchases that help you unlock levels or other features but that depends on you that whether you want to buy it or not.

In our review, all the no WiFi games we have listed are equally good enough to keep you engaged in gaming for quite a long time. Don’t forget to share this list of WiFi free games on social media.